Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chemistry, often challenging, sometimes frustrating, occasionally unexplainable, but never dull. 

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Study Tips for Chemistry Regents

  • When doing questions, cross out each part of the question in turn as you do them, to make sure that you have answered the complete question.

  • When doing multiple choice questions:

    • Extreme questions (most, least, highest, lowest) have extreme answers, and the values for those answers are often given on the Reference Tables.

    • Check to see if there is an odd answer out to narrow down choices. If three of the choices are metals and the other choice is a nonmetal atom, the answer is likely the odd one out, or the nonmetal. This does not always work, but if you are at a loss, this can help.

  • For non-multiple choice questions:

    • Reread your answer to make sure that it makes sense. Sometimes it is possible to have a right answer that is rendered wrong by adding something after the correct part that makes the whole thing wrong. Know when to stop writing.

    • When doing math problems, make sure to show all work, include units with all numbers and make sure that all answers are properly rounded. As much weight is given to how you answer the question as is given to the correct answer.


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